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Advice to Families on How to Save Their Children

Who Are You Most Worried About?


Dementia, Depression and Vitamin B12

Immune System Resilience

Dating Screening Questions

Gaslighting—A Primer


Inflection Point


Masks and Mandates

A Rare Win...Light in the Darkness

Masks and Mandates

School Bathrooms as Rape Rooms

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I Banned Masks From my Practice--Again

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"Sex Assigned at Birth"

The National and Human Psyche


Transformation vs Revelation


AFLDS White Coat Summit 2023

Spike Protein Detoxification

Natural Sorting Process


It’s Her Bonus Hole—Just Don’t Call it a Vagina

Human Filth in Organic Food


Why American Women Are Undatable II


What Do You Believe That Isn't True?

Supplements: The Alternative to Big Pharma


Does Not Caring Make You a Bad Person?

How to Overcome Fear

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Bucharest Taxi Driver Wisdom

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Hungary vs Croatia

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The Cancer of Unions in America

Liberal Women Desire Conservative Men

“Believe All Women” is a Lie

Reparations Rape

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American Consumers Draw a Red Line

Toruń Gingerbread

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Expanding Dissident MD Substack on Notes

The Trauma of Discovering the Truth

Loss of American Pride

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Death: The Logical End Point of Transgenderism

Let the Lawsuits Begin

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Where are the Adults?

The Dangers of Education

Informed Dissent-Dr Ryan Cole - Long COVID-The Stickiness of Science

Cancel the Cancellers

Denial of Reality

Informed Dissent-Dennis Prager -One of America's most respected thinkers, authors, and influencers

Informed Dissent - Jack Donovan - Detoxing Masculinity


Grow Up!

Informed Dissent-Find Me If You Can-American Pilot Saga and More-Barke and McDonald

Medical Board of California Drops Its Investigation of Me

Informed Dissent - Decapitate the Serpent - Brent Hamachek

California Physicians Free Speech Win

The Collapse of US Transportation

Killing Fat Kids

Informed Dissent-The Thought Police-Barke and McDonald

Subversive Minorities