Mark, it saddens me that you are being exposed to the default of our nation repeatedly. I pray you spend time reflecting on the gifts God has blessed you with each day. If I didn't do this, I would qualify as one of your patients by now. Bless you

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Ahh yes, the old Peter Principle...rising to the level of "respective incompetence" like Buttigieg and Karine Jean-Pierre. There are unfortunately, far too many more who could be mentioned here.

I saw the "adult anxiety" in all the people who accosted me for not wearing a mask. One fellow was so belligerent that I called him a nasty name because he kept following me around the store, but anxiety and fear were the core of their Naziesque insanity over face diapers.

As for the E. Palestine tragedy, even Cincinnati cut off the use of Ohio River for drinking water. Smart move in my book. The entire area covered by the clouds from the burning chemicals, the water and the soil are all ruined. I have a friend not far from the area and she's working to figure out how to clean her soil. Her birds are back and that's a good thing. So sad and so little help from this worthless administration many call our leaders. What an oxymoron.

So, if I move to CA and identify as black, I can collect on this vast giveaway of worthless money as well? Or do I have to live there for a while. Maybe all black Americans will move to CA and enjoy their prosperity with the soon to be worthless paper money.

Since I'm Irish and more Irish died as slave labor in the UK and America, when do I get to collect for my ancestors being brought over here as children and dying within two years? How about all the signs in the windows stating, "Irish Need Not Apply," and "Irish Not Wanted." We starved.

True history unfortunately is written by the victors, so we wonder what will be told to our descendants if they're even allowed to live. We have become a tyrannical dictatorship and few people realize our nation is in it's death throws.

I haven't seen even one adult and that includes the majority of the Republican Party as well...they all talk, but there's no action. Real action came when grandpa went and got a switch off the tree. Oh boy. Where are the switches of the opposing party to whip this nation back into the one our founders gave us? No adults...so non-existent.

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