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You can’t have traditions without the family. It’s the destruction of the family at the hands of the government, and the Marxists that control the cultural narrative, that is destroying our society. Fewer and fewer young people are marrying and having families. They have been taught that careers and self- fulfillment are most important. Marriage and children just get in the way of that. So family traditions aren’t passed on - there’s no one to pass them on to. And they are lost.

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I've thought about this many times. Deo Gratias is right, you cannot have traditions without family, and so many have been separated because of the pro-Marxist education and then the "jabbed or not jabbed" being an issue. Personally, I do not want the jabbed around me or in my house unless they're taking every precaution available to them to rid themselves of the Spike Protein (SP). FLCCC.net has the protocols and Dr. McCullough's substack showed studies that Nattokinase helps eliminate the SP from the body.

The breakup or breakdown of family gatherings is the core of the failure to keep traditions. And of course in the early 1900s, most families had far more children than families today.

My memories are so lovely. My mother's parents were dairy farmers. My grandmother had several sisters and one brother. Every holiday, one sister would have the entire family to their homes. Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. The food was fabulous and always started out with shrimp cocktail and special meatballs. Ham and turkey, and all the wonderful fixings and then the most delicious desserts. Homemade rolls. Oh what a lovely time.

At Thanksgiving, the ladies would exchange the $5.00 gift names for Christmas and then play cards while the men smoked cigars and watched football games. I can see it in my mind's eye.

Much the same at Christmas, but everyone left for midnight church services. Some of the older gals helped to straighten up everything, but we all joined in after dinner to wash and dry.

I miss every one of these amazing and wonderful people. And when I die, I'll be buried up north in the same cemetery all of their bodies rest in. Also so glad to see them all again. Such treasured memories.

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A beautiful description of a country steeped in tradition, it’s tribal and that’s how a society flourishes.

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Dr. M, you describe a soft place to land in this world of chaos. May these rural enclaves thrive and eventually help reestablish these values that have brought such joy and hope over so many generations.

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