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Your last line is so powerful. I have felt since the very start of the new virus hysteria that we would be in a mental crisis. I just spent the last 2 weeks helping my daughter move to Florida from Seattle for a new job. She is a therapist for at risk kids/families. In Seattle she was forced to counsel these families who were in crisis with a mask on her face and masks on theirs. it was devastating. As much as she loved working with these families, she finally had to leave. I have basically left Seattle as well because more than 75% of children that i see in public are masked. It is horrific. Even educators that I know who don't like the practice tell me that they "don't want to make waves". To me it's so clearly child abuse and I am floored at how many people that I thought were compassionate are going along with this. I am currently in Arizona a my "freedom house' where it is MOSTLY sane. However, last night we attended an outdoor festival where there was a group of young Girl Scouts selling cookies. The little girls were the only masked people there. It was so sad and I told the adult there that I would love to buy cookies from smiling faces but I would have to pass today. She just shrugged. Thank you SO much for focusing on this massive societal issue! I agree this is not over yet. We must scream from the rooftops. NEVER AGAIN.

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I agree that masking children is child abuse, and masks all day to be allowed to work are cruel and unhealthy .. and masking outdoors is absolutely absurd - even if a mask gave substantial protection in any direction, when the effective area is literally infinite, there's nothing to protect from. It's heartbreaking to see so many masks outdoors, and on children (in NYC). Yet when I ride the subway / bus, I put on an N95. Not out of blind compliance with authorities I don't trust, but because I'm weighing various factors, and even tho I'm less sure it does anything protective, even on the chance it does, the factors of density, duration, draft, dimensions (and personal health and elderly parents), point to even a slight protection being worth it.

When people cough on the train, I feel better that I have that mask on. I take it off the second I get outside. There is some ambiguity even among the doctors who know the official narrative is bullshit as to if masks can be useful sometimes, or are completely ineffective. Dr Meryl Nass says N95s do something, if fitted right, while cloth / surgical masks don't do anything. The many studies in a long Brownstone article on masks have mixed results for N95s. Dr. Pierre Kory points out that mask studies often don't differentiate for type of space, and in some indoor spaces they could be useful.

Online I've seen a lot of derision for people who wear masks. But - believe it or not - it's possible to wear masks (indoors), and also understand the factors of deception and control and abuse that are happening. I have treatments at home in case I get covid, but I still really don't want that lab created virus.

I also understand that even tho I find it simple enough to wear a mask for a half hour train ride or store trip, that cannot map onto someone else's experience of masking, especially not for long periods of time - and expecting people to basically live / go to school in masks is horrible.

I might be wrong that an N95 does something, it might not do anything at all .. and seeing how little to no credible evidence there is for most masks to do anything, and how much control they are taking, as if we are cattle, I understand better that those who refuse masks even briefly are coming from a solid place of refusing to comply.

But do masks automatically equal being delusional? Perhaps depends on the situation ...?

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Dr. McDonald is right, the damage has been done for over two years now...damage that we'll see for decades, not only on the children, but with the parents and grandparents who have bought into the propaganda and will forever put masks on their faces. If we don't stop this entire totalitarian takeover of America's medicine, we are ultimately doomed...Lord help us!

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Masks mask more than the virus hysteria. They are symbolic of a general atmosphere of denial which masks all sorts of psychopathology. There seems to be kind of a permissiveness agreed on to cave not only to this hysteria but to a more generalized one.

Unfortunately the hysteria doesn’t stop at virus related issues. Confusion reigns so supreme that the over stressed are collapsing into denial and poor coping skills. I notice this in parents and their young children and this is among families who don’t mask or vaccinate and understand the deceptions involved.

Parents do without sleep, without self care, fall deeper into poverty, become less able to perceive of or take advantage of available resources, begin home schooling and begin a descent into madness. The kids follow suit as delusion reigns and any reasonable environment disappears.

The descent seems impossible to stop and doesn’t bode well for any sort of reasonable future.

This article points at deeply systemic layers of pre-existing and ever deepening mental illness. Opportunities for accessing professional care are really nearly nonexistent. Families can help but they too are limited. A civilization simply doesn’t tip into madness and chaos without these.

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Fully on-board with what you wrote here and what you stand for, Dr. McDonald. Thank you for both. You're one of my personal heroes. As a fellow resident of Los Angeles, I'm also disheartened, disgusted, and saddened by seeing face masks everywhere I go. I'm in the Koreatown part of the city, and I scan for someone, anyone, who is maskless like me, and I only remember seeing perhaps 5 people in two years (excluding those dining at restaurants) who are maskless. I'm harrassed occasionally at some establishments to wear a mask. The worst is that my youngest daughter wears one and makes her son, my grandson, wear one. They both have a collection of stretchy cloth ones in various colors and designs, and it makes me feel sick. But I won't let this ruin my day. I will continue to go maskless everywhere I go and be happy that I was fortunate enough to be able to see through all of this BS and understand the agenda of the elites (totalitarian global control) and choose freedom over fear. I do need to get out of Los Angeles, because the daily weight of being surrounded by brainwashed face diaper-wearing zombies gets to me and wears on my joy in living. As another poster mentioned, I too want to smile at, make eye contact with and say hello to passersby, but few will engage with a stranger, and many cross the street rather than to pass near me because I'm maskless when I go for walks. Could it be because of my MAGA hat?

Jk. I don't own one. Sigh.

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I'm considering printing out this one and the one you sent to your patients for the next time I have to visit the insane asylum that is a medical establishment which requires face diapers (all of them) and handing it to whomever I'm seeing. "This is my perspective too. Just wanted you to know."

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On a beautiful brisk day in my hometown of Berkeley this week, I spotted a woman on my block perched on a retaining wall and looking intently at me while I was walking my dog. I thought maybe she thought she knew me. However, as I crossed the street to get to my house I got a closer look: she had dismounted to take a cigarette break. She then got up, put her mask on, hopped onto her bike and pedaled away. I kid you not.

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Even the leftist Pravda media is now admitting masks are worthless. I am including these two articles in my next column.



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Rosa was a dear personal friend. I still miss her terribly John. She was a brilliant lady (much like our wonderful dissident MD) who exposed UN Agenda 21/30 in her book, Behind the Green Mask. She passed away last year on Memorial Day. She was so much like Deborah, the Judge and Warrior of the Old Testament. She fought with strength and courage against the behemoth which is the core of what we're seeing today in the Great Reset, which is still UN Agenda 21.

I received an email from her asking me to pray for her. She was in hospital and I thought she might have C-19, but it wasn't that. She had her partner call me and we chatted for a good hour. At the young age of 65, Rosa had cancer of the lung that had spread to her liver. She had had pleurisy in one lung in the past, and had thought it was that again, but it was far worse. I never realized what an effect I had had on her that I happened to be the only one she asked to pray for her. We have a prayer chain that goes to Australia, the UK and Israel besides all over the USA. All are personal friends...and we were so saddened by her quick death.

She was an early warrior for truth, and a beloved friend. The same goes for Sam Blumenfeld, a dear man who you just wanted to hug. As a Jewish believer, he came to Christ while researching the destruction of American education. Oh the stories I could tell you about Sam and his wonderful works and how he could teach people to read in just a few hours. He actually did that with a man who was to testify in court one day.

All those lovely people we've lost. My heart breaks when I think of those who've done so much to warn America...how I hope their truths have not fallen on deaf ears.

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Here's an interesting article from an interview by RFK Jr with a Belgium psychologist. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/chd-tv-rfk-jr-defender-mattias-desmet-fear-isolation-false-narratives/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=36a99b85-352d-43f9-8c03-25ad5a65a680

I wonder if RFK Jr. has read Dr. McDonald's book, United States of Fear. It is written in such an easy to read style and I found myself saying, "Oh yes, Doc, this is absolutely true." When he described how women were reacting, I thought back over the last two years with this insanity of masking, and 3 out of the four people who attacked me for not wearing a mask were women.

Buy and read the book, then get a couple more copies and pass to family and friends...it's short and compact and totally on target. Dr. McDonald has it pegged!

I wonder if RFK Jr. has interviewed Dr. McDonald?

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John, I have read it and owned many copies, most of which have been given away except for the one signed to me by Charlotte Iserbyt and the paperback that is marked up with notes. Charlotte just passed at 93 on Feb. 8th. Everyone will miss that brilliant woman!

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