Mark, have you seen Gabor Mate's appearance on Joe Rogan? It covers his book "The Myth of Normal" extensively/ I think you will find it very informational. I have the book, and it is impressive.

As for masks, I have never worn one, and never will. I am not that easily controlled.

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Sep 15, 2022Liked by Mark McDonald, M.D.

Doctor McDonald, I have felt this way for SO LONG! I’m so ecstatic that you wrote about this observation! Thank you and God bless you!

There is a lady that has walked by my house everyday for about two years. She wears a black mask and has pitch white hair. I get chills up my back whenever I happen to look out my front window and see her. She’s always by herself. She’s so creepy! She reminds me of your priest, who should be representing LIGHT, FREEDOM AND LOVE! I now ignore people with masks on because to me, they represent evil in our world. And I know children have no say, because they are innocents. I agree with you wholeheartedly! I love Jesus Christ and I KNOW He is saddened by this covering of God’s creation, the human face.

As I say, “SMILE! It’s good for the environment!”

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Shoot! I have a similar article lined up to write but you beat me to it, and I am glad you did! I think you did a better job than I would, especially because of the interesting experiences you included. The compelling part is the similarity in our thought, which I assume that most people on our side of the fence share...it isn't about letting people do what they want (wear masks)...it is their business, if they aren't hurting anyone, why not. NO NO NO. There are so many people that say this, and it simply is not true. As you point out there are many things that people in a society do not allow others to do...urinate in public, walk around naked, etc. These things are not conducive to a civil society...and mask wearing is definitely one of them, it is a clear assault to humanity, and besides that, it is unhealthy. Thank you again for an amazing article!! I also like your comparison to abortion...I used to be an ardent "pro choice" advocate, and although I still have issues with violations of women's rights, I have slipped further to the right on this issue.

You haven't written anything yet on MAP (Minor Attracted Person) have you? I am waiting on that one from you! It will be amazing...do you think you will soon comment on that insanity?

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Of course you are preaching to the choir for me on this post! But you always give me more ideas.

Yesterday, I spoke of fear addiction at our area Right to Life office whose board president worked for months to get the director to resign and was successful. The rest of the staff resigned with her. She had developed a "Street Team" door to door outreach engaging people about the unlicensed abortion business in our community (thanks to little Peter Buttigieg - but which CLOSED today, Praise God!!) and sharing resources for women in crisis. I've been part of this outreach for 2 years, but it was suspended after the Dobbs SCOTUS leak "due to safety concerns." I was very disappointed with this decision and feel it's likely she was pressured into it by the board president.

After doing door to door outreach with a new pro-life organization started by one of the former staff, I stopped by the RTL office to drop off the materials I had which were no longer being used b/c they are going through the motions they have been for the past 50 years. The new (and former) director wasn't there, but the board president, who I have also worked with was. One would not expect this milquetoast person to have a terrible control problem, but I know better now. I heard all about how it wasn't SAFE to continue the program, how important it was to protect the ORGANIZATION and how they'd had phone threats yada, yada and they would consider restarting it in the spring. He got a polite but firm earful from me about fear being the new religion and after 2 years people are seriously addicted and need help, how abortion-choice people are not going to stop making threats (whatever gave him that idea?!) and how we can't make abortion unthinkable if we don't engage people. I commented that I get mail from multiple pro-life organizations asking me for money, but money isn't the answer. The answer is engaging people in order to challenge hearts and minds and getting them to think critically in order to understand the unborn is a human being; that size, level of development, environment and degree of dependency don't matter.

I am sorry to have so little compassion for people living in fear. Not really.

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Oh, by the way...OUTTA THE BALLPARK on this commentary! God bless you! This is a keeper.

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Dr. McDonald, while some, even on our side, may say this is harsh medicine, I think that it's the only way to save our society from this insanity. This will not be the last attempt at control and fear by the tiny tyrants who would rule over us.

This next part of my comment strays from the topic a bit, but I think it is extremely important. Access Services, the transportation entity that supposedly serves people with disabilities, still requires us to wear face diapers on its vehicles if we want to get anywhere. For those of you in the L.A. area reading this and perhaps use this service, I'm calling for a day of disruption next month, Wednesday, December 21st. Do not comply when asked to wear a face diaper on Access Services vehicles, even if road supervisors and police officers are called. This is a civil rights issue and we must act in protest. The time is at hand. Please, be respectful and civil while doing this, but be firm and do not comply!

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Can't agree more

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Here's the latest! We were right all the time to keep those filthy things off our faces:

The study found that several of the symptoms attributed to long-Covid are predominantly mask-related.

Further, the study found that CDC-recommended medical-grade N-95s are even worse.

Previous studies have already shown they do not offer better protection against respiratory viruses than surgical masks.

However, they definitely cause more side effects.

In line with recent findings by Kisielinski et al. and Sukul et al., the present results clearly show that N95 masks lead to significantly more pronounced and unfavorable biochemical, physiological, and psychological effects than surgical masks.


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