Brilliant piece of work Dr McDonald

Made my day...thanks so much...still Laughing at the Pussified man ...Thats a great paragraph...I am sharing this everywhere

I would say though...the obvious ...Real men...STAY AWAY ...from libtardian women...i know from experience

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May 25Liked by Mark McDonald, M.D.

SO TRUE!!! Women have a natural attraction for strong men of integrity whether they try to fight it or not. Bravo! Outstanding insight!

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And what ends up happening is that the "liberal" woman becomes "dissatisfied" and dumps him by the wayside so that she can have "freedom" to chase her career and do whatever else she feels like, all while leaving bodies in her wake (her children, her friends, her colleagues, whoever).

I've watched it happen time and time again, for more than 40 years. And some of that was firsthand observation ...

Fortunately for me I chose a different path. Then again, I've never been "liberal", so there's that.

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Ahhh yes. One of our dear friends lost his wife, and married his wife's friend who had divorced her out-of-the-closet gay husband. The 2nd wife is liberal, but she fell in love with the very conservative widower.

I'll tell you about another man who is a physician here locally. He never closed his single practice office, told patients NOT to wear masks into his office, and then sued Knox County over their mask mandate and won. Now that's a conservative man with a spine!

His patients told him it was like entering a small enclave of freedom.

He and I get along quite well, and I never get out of his office in less than 90 minutes for all the information we exchange.

Here's the pdf of the suit, I hope you can open it. file:///C:/Users/radio/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/HZIQFQL9/smith.hall.verified.amended.complaint.filed-11062020163835.pdf

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“Where have all the flowers( conservative men) gone long time passing, where have all the flowers(conservative men) gone? Long time passing. Words music Joan Baez I believe.

Thanks to all the feminist that have and continue to castrate men, for what? The answer to satiate their own insecurities. Yet the seek conservative men because in their rare moments of cogent thinking they realize their plan isn’t working so well for them.

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THAT is a powerful statement! So much truth in such a few words.

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For example, Pete Santilli and his sidekick, Deb Parker. I just notified him today that I could no longer watch his show because I find her so offensive. Why do intelligent men choose partners that detract from their legitimacy?

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