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Thank you for fighting Dr. McDonald. It's increasingly apparent that courageous, ethical doctors like you and the few others taking a stand, are the exception. As far as I can tell, most are still pushing the shot and following (hiding behind) protocols--they certainly weren't speaking out when the bill was in the legislature. Nor did I see anything about it in the CMA newsletters. That's the way medicine is currently practiced, and this law will have very little effect on most doctors. But it's important to take a stand on principle (just as I will be a poll worker in the next election, even though I know it won't change anything since the election fraud is down to a science in the Golden State). Anyone who has paid attention has virtually no trust in the medical profession, and many of us feel stupid (or duped) for the trust we once had. I think the only solution is a parallel system and I'm encouraged by the renewed interest in natural medicine (that allopathic doctors denigrated for all those years). Perhaps when things get bad enough, some of those doctors may wake up, but by then they will have harmed so many people, and dug themselves in so deeply, it will be too late.

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I wish you every success. I am glad that you've filed in the federal-court central district of CA, which cannot be as bad as the northern district.

I hope that the courts do not say, "There is no constitutional right to practice medicine, so there's no constitutional right implicated in the law's restrictions. Thus, we'll use, instead of strict scrutiny, a rational-basis review," which then leads inevitably to hosannahs to Jacobson (1905) giving, or confirm that states already had, the police power to do almost anything in the name of public safety as long as it's not presumptively irrational.

My fingers are crossed for you and for the medical profession.

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Hello Dr. McDonald,

This will lead to other future medical procedures on patients and will even force Doctors into advising for worse medical outcomes. I would like to enjoin any lawsuit as a patient if possible and provide an affadavit if necessary. Also, I will help pay for legal fees. This cant stand! Informed concent and Doctor/Patient reltionship is essential and sacred. Have your asssistant contact me.

Best Wishes,


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I included your lawsuit in my latest article. The medical Stasi are alive and well, and you're right, this will spread to other states, already has. Have anymore physicians joined your lawsuit other than the one gentleman who is with you? I pray so.

Also, here is a twitter feed of the subjugated mask lovers who went to extremes because of the fear porn. It absolutely infuriates me that my fellow citizens are as stupid as they seem. Our education has dumbed them down to the point where they willingly agree to enslavement.

Never forget what some people did in the name of COVID


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Please post how we can donate.

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