When someone told me about Gates depopulation plan I wasn't convinced. All I could see was a local and federal government trying to rule over us and it has gone from bad to worse. Depopulation may only be a part of the greater plan the UN or Global Elitist has for the world. It goes so much deeper than that. Ultimate control and power. I have so many family members who march on the left without question or curiosity to seek the truth. Truth sets you free but compliance leads to more harm or death. I still believe in this country and it's people. Thank you Dr McDonald for always speaking out in the name of truth and reality. Loved your book by the way!

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I'm a bit late to the game on reading this, but catching up. Your questions and conclusion in the last paragraph are consistent with the goals of the WEF; creating a slave class.

I watched an interview with Dr. Zev Zelenko this week and there were many take-away insights. Here are two of them: Covid as a disease was designed to never have treatment. Its purpose was to create fear and panic such that people would rush to get the shots.

And "...anxiety lives in the psychological space where the consciousness of God is absent." That quote is now on my fridge so I can reflect on it regularly.

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The vaccine component seems to be pushed by Big Pharma and money. Big Pharma has more lobbyists in Washington DC than any other group, including congress people! They are pushing the experimental vaccines for money.

The people on the boards of Pharma, Tech, and Media, are all friends, and they are the ones pushing us to stay isolated, on our phones, because that gives them more money and power.

So we have young men on their phones, playing video games, sports, on social media, and when they want a woman they turn to dating apps or porn (I have a porn page, not a prude here). This is why women, including myself, say, "Why don't men ever approach me in public?" Well, they have their phones!

I was at Starbucks yesterday, a place I have't been in a while. Men were standing in line, face covered, heads down in their phones. As a single woman who just wanted to say "hi" to a man, I was just turned off, and mad at their wimpy compliance. I was maskless, and I still am unvaccinated.

If people got off their phones, the tech and media companies would lose money. We would actually socialize and have more sex and get more exercise. I myself have fallen down this rabbit hole with my phone. I am waking up to this and wondering what that is doing to me.

I'm currently devouring your book and am seeing this was only possible because of fear and anxiety which looked for a place to feed, and the feminization of men. The latter is of particular interest, because I have been lamenting about feminized men for years. The more positive side of the manosphere and evolutionary psychologists are noting the decline in relationships, and as a mother of sons and a single woman who craves meeting a real man again, it's also personal.

I am going to keep following you, and considering for myself what part I can play in making a change here. The feminization of men, worldwide, is a huge threat that people FEEL, but are not talking about, and neither was I until I read that in your book yesterday. Putting words to it is powerful.

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I know that the depopulation threat was proposed at the outset of the "vaccine" campaign, with good reason. At this point, my view is that the goal is not to eliminate the human population but rather to render it dependent on a small group of elites, who profit from their labor and lack of independent thought.

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